This one’s a two-fer!

Loot was originally designed and developed as a boardgame, as part of my design coursework at DigiPen Institute of Technology. It went through eight thoroughly-playtested iterations before final turn-in, where it received among the highest marks in the class (97%, if memory serves).

Here’s where it becomes a two-fer: About a year after designing Loot (the boardgame) ended, I had the sweet opportunity to implement a digital version of the game as part of an impromptu 24-hour game jam for another class at DigiPen. See the bottom of this page for some snapshots of that!

First, the original rules.

The game is very simple—you could even play it with rocks in the sand—so I encourage you to give the official rulebook a quick look. As far as rulebooks go, it doesn’t bite 😁

That said, here’s the quick reference sheet: (specially provided for you pro rulebook skimmers out there)


Since—in Prof. Jeremy Holcomb’s opinion—my math design and analysis for the game was the most impressive, I’ve also uploaded it here for viewing: Loot Math Analysis Document, approx. 6-minute read

The Digital Adaptation

90-second paw-through:

TIP: above video will start muted—unmute it for the full experience!

  • solo project; just me and Unity 🙃
  • music slapped together from Mixcraft 8 samples
  • most textures from Dungeon Painter Studio

Overall, very polished and functional game!


However, this digital adaptation did not end up matching the analog version of the game quite to a tee. The key difference, you might’ve noticed, is that the respawn mechanic was not implemented. This would be an easy fix if I were to return to this project now, but as it stood, it was good enough for an A+ so I had to move on.

In case you couldn’t picture it…

… I found some photographs of the original 3D-printed game pieces! (Which are now scattered atwixt my D&D game piece “bag of holding”, no doubt.)




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