Obligatory Foreword

As you might expect, I cannot disclose the details of many things I worked on or created during my time at Kooapps, especially due to the nature of my expertise being quite “behind the scenes”.

As a result, this page will be lighter on the details.

I can, however, share anything I’ve contributed to that is already public information, or reasonably inferred from public records.

So, let’s see what I can share about my work at Kooapps in 2022!

Languages used in 2022

(roughly from most to least used)

  • C#
  • Bash (+ zsh)
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Obj-C / Obj-C++
  • Python
  • ShaderLab / HLSL
  • Ruby on Rails

2D Games:
Snake.io, Stacky Bird, Pocket Family, etc.


  • Re-engineered a 2D collision system to make better use of discrete mathematics, optimizing collisions on clients and servers by 2x (amortized; 3x mortized).
    • Also developed custom editors for debugging collisions and player movement.
  • Optimized sprite texture compression, atlasing, and rendering.
  • Identified defunct 3rd party plugins and implemented several streamlined replacements thereof.
  • Regularly code reviewed monetization (ads, IAP) implementations, offering fix suggestions and communicating insight to data analysts, account managers, and other stakeholders.
  • Wrote semi-automatic TCR linting tools, to reduce time wasted checking for basic values in the repos.
  • Championed the adoption of Spine for rendering efficient 2D animations, aiding devs and artists alike with implementation and execution.

3D Games:
MicroTown.io, BowRider.io, Helix Stack Jump, etc.

  • Created an art zoo app that doubles as an on-device asset performance checker.
    • Became critical in the pre-launch checks for major content updates.
  • Optimized use of Photon Quantum for Unity, particularly with mobile devices in mind.
    • e.g. AI raycasting and object pooling.
  • Implemented performant VFX to graphically represent world mechanics.
    • e.g. the battle-royale-inspired shrinking fog mechanic in BowRider.io
  • Helped the teams implement various challenging aspects of UI in Unity.
    • e.g. so that it looks good on all expected resolutions and aspect ratios.
  • Programatically optimized vert/tri counts and draw calls on several dynamic / animated 3D assets.
    • e.g. the cash stacks in MicroTown.io used to tax FPS due to so many draw calls, now they are only one draw call each no matter how tall they get.




  • Deployed a self-managed GitLab instance to serve 100+ devs in 5 countries.
  • Maintained top-tier server security and modern encryption standards.
  • Promoted the use of features such as CI/CD pipelines, Merge Requests, Issue boards, etc.
  • Generally raised awareness about repository cleanliness, best practices, and some magic tricks.

NOTICE: I do not wish to be a web developer or server dev, unless perhaps that server is a game server. If nothing else, let this section highlight my versatility as a developer, my general expertise in technology, and my habit of doing things for a greater good.

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