Obligatory Foreword

As you might expect, I cannot disclose the details of many things I worked on or created during my time at Kooapps, especially due to the nature of my expertise being quite “behind the scenes”.

As a result, this page will be lighter on the details.

I can, however, share anything I’ve contributed to that is already public information, or reasonably inferred from public records.

So, let’s see what I can share about my work at Kooapps in 2021!

Note: I began work at the beginning of August, 2021.

Languages used in 2021

(roughly from most to least used)

  • Python
  • C#
  • Bash (+ zsh)
  • Java
  • Obj-C / Obj-C++

From Game Analyst to “Stability Analyst”

Here’s the quick story:

  • Started on Pocket Family and Helix Stack Jump, saw some wins there
  • Demonstrated a knack for identifying the causes of issues directly in the source code
  • Quickly broadened scope to performing my analyses on all top-revenue games
  • Became a specialist in TCR, stability, and monetization concerns, working directly under the CEO and COO

From “Stability Analyst” to “Stability Engineer”

Towards the end of the year, I was in the habit of saying “We can do better” with many projects.

Of course I was asked, “How? How can we make all games better? (That sounds like a lot of work…)”

I had several answers, which I don’t think I am at liberty to enumerate here.

I can, however, share that it was these answers that marked my transition into the role of an engineer; come 2022, my primary duties would shift from post-de-facto analyses, to the pre-emptive technical designs, processes, and concrete implementations that would come to (indeed) improve all our games.

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