So far, so good…

I guess.

I am getting the hang of developing my new site here with Hugo. I’ve cut a few corners just to speed up the process of getting stuff out there, and I’m glad I did—boy, does Hugo have a LOT going on under the hood. It may be trivial to download your first template theme and hit ‘DEPLOY’, but if you want to deviate from that template at all… well, takes some elbow grease is all.

That said, this is my first time using a static site generator (SSG) framework, and for my needs, I’m not really sure taking on this much new complexity is really necessary or efficient. I’ll follow through with this, though. I do find it nicer to write the pages themselves (text content, at least) using Hugo’s supported markdown. Ultimately, I feel I can’t have a final opinion until I have a final hugo-made site.

I do miss having easier control over horizontal / flex layouts though. (Without having to learn yet another DSL.)