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Game Summary

Sail the skies, destroy mechanoid enemies, and upgrade your ship with better and better parts!

  • Single-player 2D roguelike
  • Runs on Windows XP+
  • Session length = 10-30 minutes
    • (replayability: moderate)

Production Summary

  • 5-person, 5-month game project.
  • My first custom engine.
  • Both engine and game were 100% in written in C (C99 standard),
    • rendered with OpenGL (GLEW),
    • and audio with FMOD low-level.
  • Everything else = entirely from scratch.
  • Levi’s Roles:
    • Producer
    • Engine Architect
    • Game Programmer
  • Levi’s Top Contributions:
    • Core engine architecture (Gamestates, Entities, Transforms, Components, etc.)
    • Enemy AI
    • Animations
    • Font rendering

Sell Sheet

(Kinda reminds one of early 2000s computer game boxes, doesn’t it? 😂)


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