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Production Summary

  • 23 total developers
    • 11 artists
    • 7 programmers
    • 4 designers
    • 1 musician
  • 3-semester project
  • My roles: Tools Programmer, Gameplay Programmer, Build Master
    • developed in-editor tools to help artists and designers with their pipelines
    • integrated FMOD and Wwise (the latter replaced the former) to meet audio design specs
    • developed the base camera and player controllers, including their connection to the UI
    • prototyped several game mechanics, including the player’s sand dodge and several enemy attacks (sand wave, lightning)
    • created scripts to automate nightly builds
    • helped integrate the Steamworks.NET library and implement Steam achievements


Metamorphos won 1st place internationally in two distinguished categories:

Intel award badge

Intel University Showcase - Best Visual Quality 1st Place - 2021

Unity award badge

Unity Awards - Best Student Project - 2021


Final Cut

title screen




More screenshots on Steam!


Below: One of my earliest development sandboxes, depicting the working player rig, UI, and obstacles for testing the player controller.

early sandbox

Below: My sandbox testing the lighting and collision meshes in the prototype boss room

boss room test

Below: One of the ways I contributed to a more data-oriented process is the development of hierarchical blackboards and generic lookups, all easily tweaked in the editor.

scene-level blackboard

Below: Another way I empowered our non-programmers was by creating plenty of optional function call hooks arrangeable in-editor.

idamageable callback hook

Below: I also helped the artists do some mathematical color analysis on their textured models.




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